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Brilliantly simple underlay for simply brilliant floors...
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The Jumpax system is unique in the flooring industry for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it is manufactured specifically for use as a high quality underlay for resilient floor-coverings. This means that every aspect of production is geared to meeting the demands of flooring specifiers, fitters and end-users. Reliability and long term performance are in-built from the outset.

Secondly, because it is a floating system requiring no fixing or gluing in place, it can be installed over any adequately sound, reasonably flat, dry surface, regardless of condition, coatings, contamination or existing coverings. By isolating sources of potential problems and eliminating time consuming operations, Jumpax provides a fast, cost-effective, multiple benefit option when estimating for renovation projects. All types of floorings, including stuck-down carpets, all types of adhesives, onto all types of surfaces in any combination.

Finally, from concept, through development and into first production over 10 years ago, Jumpax was always intended to be very quick, clean and easy to use, to permanently smooth over uneven surfaces effectively and to produce a first class sub-floor for smooth floorings without further preparatory work. The result is a versatile, fast-track solution to many problems faced by the flooring industry today.

The original purpose of this brilliantly simple product, to provide acoustic insulation, is, of course, still one of the important needs that it satisfies. Numerous tests by respected institutions all verify that Jumpax reduces impact noise by 21dB (technical information is available elsewhere from this site). But the truly unique factor about Jumpax is that a simple system, only 10 mm thick, requiring minimal skills and very little time to use can combine such a huge range of benefits in so many applications.

Compared to the traditional methods of screeding or plyboarding, the Jumpax floating underlay method can cut the time needed in half! Depending on the size and complexity of the area, a two day job can easily be done in one.
Picture a typical situation, 15 m² of existing vinyl tiles on dry concrete to be replaced with a vinyl design floor.

The specification says, remove old floor-coverings, remove any loosened old smoothing compounds, remove old adhesive residues, prime the surface and allow to dry, apply 3 mm of smoothing screed, allow to dry fully, rub down imperfections, install new tiles. Sometimes it can be difficult to get as far as laying the screed in one day!
OK so you hope you’ll get away with it if some, or even most, of those get missed out, to save time. But you cannot lay tiles before the screed has set, so you either wait a few hours, hoping it sets quickly enough, or return the next day. All rather risky and unpredictable!

Alternatively you could use Jumpax. You can safely leave the old tiles down, then lay out polythene, lay Jumpax, lightly sand the joints and lay new tiles immediately. No waiting, no uncertainty, no return visit, NO RISKS.
This Floor was replaced over a weekend by using Jumpax! call 0844 357 3535
Traditionally, timber floors frequently need pre-levelling or sanding
Sheets of ply-board are large and dusty and have to be carefully fitted, nailed, skimmed and sanded to produce a really good sub-floor
On solid floors, screeds are messy, smelly, often require primers and need rubbing down, when they eventually set and dry
Both methods need skill and practise to achieve good results. Both always create dust and mess

In contrast Jumpax panels are

completely dust-free
very smooth
self adhesive
are clean and easy to handle and install
Pre levelling is seldom necessary
there is no smell
no glue
no nails
no primers or messy mixing and rubbing down needed
Only the joints, occasionally require sanding
Dust and mess are minimal
damaged and un-even floor? No need to screed! Jumpax is the answer call 0844 357 3535
Need more information? please call 0844 357 3535